6.16.1 Beta Release

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DigiByte Core v6.16.1 Beta Test Release

Change Summary

Over 100,000 lines of code changed in this release.

Initial Sync Performance Increase (Relay 10,000 headers now vs 2,000)

Add Additional Dedicated Seed Nodes

Fix Peer Connectivity Issues

Add Three DigiByte GUI Themes (White, Black, Blue... can be set in wallet preferences)

Change DGB p2sh Address Prefixes from "3" to "S". This prevents confusion with Bitcoin p2sh addresses.

Add Support for future bech32 DigiByte Addresses (Future DGB addresses will start with "dgb1" all lowercase)

  • This is disabled by default and wallet will generate "D" addresses until more compatibility arrives in mobile and exchange wallets. For now add "addresstype=bech32" or "addresstype=p2sh-segwit" in your digibyte.conf to test these changes and generate these address types. WARNING: all other wallets do not yet support this address type.

Merge Improvements from Bitcoin Core 0.16.0

Merge Improvements from Bitcoin Core 0.15.0